Lespectre - Lost With You 13 Nov 2019

Lespectre - Lost With You

An almost-certain Christmas number one and anti-anthem that peers between the cracks of a doomed relationship, Lost With You is an arresting foray into Motown territory for the five-piece, who formed earlier this year. Led by Sam Winter-Quick’s insouciant bassline that’s joined soon enough by a wall of dreamy doo-wop harmonies and reverb-lavished guitars, the song has already been picked up for airplay by BBC Introducing.

“Hurry up 'cos I’m feeling like I might be worth something after all,” urges the band’s lead vocalist Tom Hackwell in the opening moments of the song, before observing drolly, “I’m borderline happy/ and that doesn’t make me happy at all.” It’s a potent example of the dreamy atmospherics and world-weary observational writing that have seen the band become one of the most talked-about in their home city of Bristol.

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