John E Vistic Rock 'n' Roll Soundsystem

Described as a cult legend by BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson and ‘a towering figure on the
UK live scene’ by The Metro, John E Vistic is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning songwriter. Vistic’s live show is a fireball of punk-rock & roll fury and psychedelic mayhem.

Vistic's band of seasoned musicians - the Rock 'n' Roll Soundsystem - set off a stratospheric wall of sound, the perfect backing for his effortless swagger and drawl.

As BBC’s Sam Bonham says, ‘Vistic doesn’t do things by halves…’. His influences include The Jesus and Mary Chain, Marky Ramone, Jesus Lizard, PIL, Bauhaus, The Stooges, The Birthday Party, The Cramps, Sisters of Mercy, The Cosmic Psychos, Rocket from the Crypt and The Beasts of Bourbon, as well as more contemporary acts such as Idles, Metz and Fontaines DC.

Lyrically, Vistic’s literary background comes to the fore – Shakespeare stalks TS Eliot, Yeats and Pound; Oscar Wilde duals with Malcolm Lowry; Martin Amis jostles Houllebecq and Harari.

His upcoming album ‘Under the Volcano’ is packed floor-to-ceiling with raw garage riffery, and has been described as “filthy” by Damien Sayell of Mclusky/St.Pierre Snake Invasion fame. Artwork for the album has been designed by the legendary Johnny Stingray (Urban Voodoo Machine).